US Recognises Opposition Leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela Interim President

The US government today recognized Guaido, leader of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) of Venezuela, as “legitimate interim president” of the country and warned Maduro that he maintains “all options on the table” if he retaliates against the deputies opponents.

“The Venezuelan people have suffered for a long time the disastrous dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, and we urge Maduro to step aside in favor of a legitimate leader who reflects the will of the Venezuelan people,” said the US Foreign Minister. UU., Mike Pompeo, in a statement.

In his note, Pompeo reiterated the US request. to the Venezuelan military and the security forces so that they “support democracy and protect Venezuelan citizens.”

In addition, the head of US diplomacy said that his government “is willing to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Venezuela as conditions permit,” an option that the Executive of Maduro perceives as aggression and has rejected on numerous occasions.

Venezuela has experienced a situation of political uncertainty since last January 10, when Maduro resumed office after elections held last May and not recognized by most of the international community.

Guaido proclaimed himself President of Venezuela in the framework of what he called the fight against the “usurpation” of the Presidency by Maduro, which he considers “illegitimate”.

The option for the President of the National Assembly to assume the Executive on an interim basis until the call for elections is included in the Constitution of Venezuela, but only in the case that there is no legitimate ruler and a series of conditions are met.

“The US,” Pompeo said, “supports President Guaidó while establishing a transitional government and leads Venezuela, while the country is preparing for fair and free elections.”

After the USA recognize Guaido as “legitimate” president, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Canada expressed their support for the opposition.

Mexico, however, affirmed that it will maintain its position on Venezuela and that it continues to recognize Maduro as the legitimate president of the country.

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