Nurse Charged with Sexual Assault of incapacitated Patient in Arizona

At a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, a 29-year-old woman unable to communicate or get out of bed giving birth to a child at the end of December. Since then, the police have been looking for a rape suspect. He asked for DNA samples from all the workers at the center. This Tuesday he stopped a 36-year-old nurse named Nathan Sutherland. Your genetic sample matches that of the baby.

No one at the center, Hacienda Healthcare, had realized that the patient was pregnant practically until the moment she went into labor. The woman began to moan and the staff realized the situation right there and helped her to give birth. The baby is a child, he is healthy and the woman’s family has taken care of him. The incident prompted an immediate criminal investigation of the police.

“We have worked nonstop on this case since minute one,” Jeri Williams, the Phoenix police chief, said Wednesday. “We owed it to the victim. We owed this detention to the new member of our community, that innocent child. ”

Within the investigation, the police force all the workers of the Hacienda center to deliver DNA samples. The arrest of Sutherland occurs because his sample matches the baby. Sutherland has refused to talk to the police and has accepted his right not to testify. On Wednesday, in his first appearance before a judge, a bail of half a million dollars was imposed.

Sutherland’s lawyer asked the judge for a lower bail because his client has no record. He also said that “there is no direct evidence” that he committed the crime, as quoted by the Associated Press. He acknowledged that there is a genetic test but said that the detainee has the right to order his own DNA test.

Sutherland was a hospital nurse who was in charge of caring for the victim at the time the sexual assault should have occurred. He had been living in Arizona since 1993 and working in the hospital since 2011. According to his lawyer and the hospital, he had no history. The local press indicates that he was married, but his wife had asked for a divorce in early December. He has two children from a previous marriage.

The patient is from the San Carlos Apache tribe, reports France Presse. The family’s lawyer reported that he was not in a vegetative state, as the first information about the event said. “He cannot speak but has the ability to move his limbs, head and neck,” the family said in a statement quoted by the agency. “Responds to sounds and is able to make facial gestures.” The woman has “a significant intellectual disability” due to “seizures she suffered when she was very small.”

The hospital again apologized Wednesday with the family and reported that Sutherland had been fired immediately. The frightful event has provoked an internal investigation in the hospital, the revision of its contracts with the State and the resignation of the executive director of Hacienda Healthcare.

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