Netflix obtains Adam McKay’s space rock funniness ‘Don’t Look Up,’ Jennifer Lawrence will star

Netflix reported today that it has procured “Don’t Look Up,” a satire composed and coordinated by Adam McKay, with Jennifer Lawrence appended to star.

The story seems like a funhouse impression of one of the present different features, concentrating on two “low-level astronomers” who attempt to caution the world about the risks of a space rock that is moving toward Earth. Netflix has a forceful timetable set up, with shooting booked to begin in April, trailed by an arranged discharge not long from now.

While McKay began his profession as a “Saturday Night Live” essayist and afterward the executive of Will Ferrell comedies like “Anchorman” (they and Ferrell additionally helped to establish Funny or Die), the focal point of his ongoing work has moved to business and governmental issues. They composed (or co-composed) and coordinated “The Big Short” and “Vice,” and they’s additionally an official maker and chief on “Succession.”

It’s likewise significant that McKay and Lawrence have another venture being developed — a motion picture about Theranos originator Elizabeth Holmes that depends on John Carreyrou’s book “Bad Blood.”

“I’m so thrilled to make this movie with Jen Lawrence,” McKay said. “She’s what folks in the 17th century used to call ‘a dynamite act.’ And the fact that Netflix sees this movie as a worldwide comedy sets the bar high for me and my team in an exciting and motivating way.”

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