3 Tips for Selling a Home in 2020.

When I decided to sell the house, I thought it would be easy. I had sold my cars too. So selling a house won’t be a big deal. Just click good pictures, hire an agent and set a price. That’s all you have to. This is what the real estate agents in Chennai told me. But when you actually get in to the process, you realise it’s much deeper than that. Selling a house is an entirely different issue. My house had many of my old memories and it was very difficult for me to sell it. But then I made up my mind. To make this selling a little easier for you, I have made a list of things that will help selling your house easier.

Its more about apps and sites:

Everything these days is done online or through the smart phone. I realised this rather late, but when I did, I made sure the pictures and information I was sharing about my house was convenient for those viewing it online or via smart phone.

rethink about your decision and work on it:

I realised that selling a house is a big deal. It is nothing like selling a car. A house has a lot of emotions attached to it and if you are not ready to sell, don’t list it in the first place. But if you have made up your mind, start working on the appearance and presentation of the house.

don’t blindly hire an agent:

I walked in to the office of the same real estate brokers in Chennai who gave me the house a decade ago. Though he might seem very reliable, in today’s times there is a lot of information available online. There are so many other things like the current market trend, change in the real estate trends, etc. that need to be considered. Is your decade old agent good enough? That is why I talked to a few brokers before I decided who I would hire for my house.

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